HTS-XR Sorter

Sorting all kinds of bulk material

Product Introduction

The function of the X-ray inspection system is based on the greater absorption of X-radiation in typical foreign bodies such as metal, stones, glass or ceramics in comparison with those of commodities such as e.g foods of various kinds.

For this purpose, a radiation source emits X-ray radiation from above onto a conveyor belt, below which lies a sensor line which is sensitive to this radiation and generates signals whose magnitude depends on the received radiation intensity.
Material is transported through the radiation area with the conveyor belt, with the radiation intensity arriving at the sensor line being modulated by the absorption properties of the material. Strong absorption, such as metals, leads to a weakening of the signals while food causes only a small attenuation.
The signals generated by the sensor line are also evaluated with regard to the position on the conveyor belt and a missing part is blown out at the right place and at the right time at the end of its travel on the conveyor belt as it falls down over a chute. In this way, missing parts can be removed and the loss of good goods can be kept very low.


For the detection of metallic and non-metallic impurities such as glass, stone, ceramics and hard plastics in bulk solids.

1. High accuracy of the sensor system

The high measuring resolution of the sensor line and the fast clock sequence at Readout allows the detection of missing parts in the size range of 1/10 mm.

2. Intelligent evaluation program and simple operation

One-button operation, visible and controllable detection process

3. Sky Eye platform

Distance management via mobile phone and PC, remote data transmission and service via Internet

4. Self-optimization platform

At the push of a button, the system is updated to find the best possible parameter setting

5. Black Shield platform

Data backup of the operating data in a database ensures automatic data recovery